An initial four bet is a bet which expects you to choose the initial four horses across the line. Initial four bets while hard to win, for the most part offer up the biggest payouts seen on pure blood betting.

The initial four of the 2012 Melbourne Cup paid more than $1.4 million on NSW Tab. The kinds of trifecta accessible to you which are referenced beneath have shifting expenses yet permit you to choose more sprinters and consequently have additional triumphant blends.

STANDARD FIRST FOUR: With a standard initial four, you should choose the initial four horses across the line in right request. The base expense of this bet is $1 for one blend.

BOX FIRST FOUR: A Box First Four permits you to choose at least three sprinters to run first, second, third and fourth in any request. In the event that you box four sprinters, rather than making them win blend, you will have 24 mixes. The compromise is you pay $1 per combo so your complete expense will be $24 against $1.

FLEXI FIRST FOUR: If you would not like to cost $24 yet wished to in any case box three sprinters, taking a Flexi trifecta is a choice. In the event that for instance, you simply needed to expense $12, you could have a Flexi trifecta which would see you get half of the profit if the bet were fruitful. A flexi First Four can likewise permit you to create a more organized First Four where you have differing sprinters and surprisingly shifting sums for every one of the four completing positions.